SOUL 2017

  Conference on the Syntax Of Uralic Languages

  Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

  27-28 June 2017 Budapest



Abstract submission



The Conference on the Syntax Of Uralic Languages (SOUL) provides a forum to discuss current research on the synchronic or diachronic syntax of Uralic languages and dialects, including both comparative work as well as studies of single languages or dialects. We invite theoretically informed contributions that address issues in syntax, or at the interfaces of syntax and semantics/pragmatics, as well as prosody (each talk will be 30 minutes, followed by a 10-minute discussion period). In particular, we encourage submissions addressing:

• the structure of the nominal phrases (e.g. possession, determination, reference)

the structure of the clausal left periphery, and the syntactic marking of information structure and discourse relations

the syntactic marking of illocutionary force

subordination (e.g. complementation, finite and non-finite structures)

negation (e.g. word order in negation)

predication (e.g. copular constructions, secondary predicates)

This list is not exhaustive: we also welcome papers concerned with any other topic in Uralic syntax.


Anonymous abstracts cannot exceed two pages (including examples, figures, and references), using 1in/2.5cm margins and a standard 12pt font.

One person may submit a maximum of two abstracts: one as a sole author or co-author, and another one as a co-author.

Abstract should be submitted in .pdf format via EasyChair

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: 28 February 2017


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