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Travelling to Budapest

Budapest Airport is served by various major airlines and budget airlines as well.  You can find a list of airlines here

Special discounted rates are available for train services to Budapest from several major cities in Central and Eastern Europe.

By Train:

Budapest is accessible by train from major European cities. You can find the Hungarian Railways' website here. But we recommend you use the search engine provided by Deutsche Bahn for international travel.

By Car:

Unfortunately the institute cannot provide you with free parking, but some of the hotels may.

Here is a site with good practical information on getting here.


Travelling in Budapest

All major public transportation services (buses, trams, trolleybuses, and the underground lines, as well as green suburban trains called HÉV) within Budapest are operated by the same company, BKV. Therefore there is a unified ticket system, i.e. the same ticket is valid for each of these. Tickets are available at newsstands, and at BKV service counters found in most underground and HÉV stations, as well as at major terminals of bus and tram terminals.

Single tickets cost 320 forints, which is around 1.2 EUR, and they are valid for one continuous ride on a single line, within Budapest city limits. On the underground, your ticket is valid for an hour and you can change lines with it as long as it is a continuous ride. Remember that you must buy your ticket in advance, and get it stamped by the orange stamp-machines at underground stations, or perforated by the little red mechanical devices on buses, trams, trolleys, or the HÉV. (Some buses and trams now have the orange stamp-machine, too.)

You can buy a 10-ticket discount book for 2800 HUF, or there are options for 24-hour, 72-hour or 7-day travel cards.

The English-language website of BKV is found at: http://www.bkv.hu/en/  

You can also choose to get a Budapest Card (for 24, 48 or 72 hours), which includes free public transport as well as free admission to 3 museums, 2 free guided tours and price discount in various places. Here  you can find more information on the card, and here  is a list of selling points.