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  Thursday, 1st  September


Friday, 2nd September
9:00-10:00 Giuseppe Longobardi

invited speaker

How to probe history with grammars

Daniel Büring

invited speaker

Projective Meaning and Discourse Meaning

10:00-10:40 Tanja Milićev & Nataša Milićević

Leftward movement with discontinuous appositions


Mihaela Zamfirescu

Positive Polarity Items in Romanian as scalar operators

10:40-10:55 Coffee Break Coffee Break


10:55-11:35 Adrienn Jánosi

Long-distance split focalization in Hungarian: a base-generation approach

László Kálmán, Péter Rebrus, Péter Szigetvári & Miklós Törkenczy

Harmony that cannot be represented

11:35-12:15 Sabina Halupka-Rešetar

(Contrastive) Focus and wh-movement in Serbian


Katalin Balogné Bérces & Patrick Honeybone

Splitting "intervocalic"

12:15-13:30 Lunch Break


Lunch Break
13:30-14:30 Laura Downing

invited speaker

The mismatch between syntactic phases and prosodic phrases

Joseph Emonds

invited speaker

Universal and language-particular aspects of so-called English Auxiliaries

14:30-15:10 Lilla Magyar & Szilárd Szentgyörgyi

Vowel   ̴ zero alternations in Hungarian nominal inflectional and derivational paradigms: An analogy-based statistical approach


David Erschler

On the Structure of Syntax-Morphology Interface: Evidence from Suspended Affixation

15:10-16:10 Poster Session 1 & Coffee Poster Session 2 & Coffee


16:10-16:50 Beáta Gyuris

Hungarian hát: new perspectives on old puzzels

Mihaela Tanase-Dogaru

Romanian polydefinites: double-DP qualitatives

16:50-17:30 Mojmír Dočekal & Dalina Kallulli

More on the semantics of clitic doubling: principal ultrafilters, quantifiers and collective predicates

Krisztina Szécsényi

An LF-driven account of infinitival clauses with a nominative subject

17:30-18:10 Gábor Alberti & Judit Kleiber

Where are Possible Worlds? (Arguments for a ReAL Interpretation System)

Tatjana Marvin & Adrian Stegovec

Syntactic Restrictions On Different Applicative Readings In Slovenian


    Conference Dinner





Saturday, 3rd September


9:00-10:00 Martin Everaert

invited speaker

Idioms in Grammar: Syntax and Phonology

10:00-10:40 Marleen van de Vate

Future reference:
Tense or Modality?
The view from Saamáka

10:40-10:55 Coffee Break


10:55-11:35 Zsófia Gyarmathy

Physical and/versus psychological verbs of depiction

11:35-12:15 Mojmír Dočekal

Atoms, groups and kinds in Czech


12:15-13:30 Lunch Break


13:30-14:10 Marko Simonovic

Post-lexical Stress is Interface Stress — Evidence from Serbo-Croatian toneless adjectives

14:10-14:50 Katalin Mády

Does low informational weight require deaccentuation in Hungarian?


14:50-15:10 Coffee Break


15:10-15:50 Gabi Danon

Agreement features and non-agreeing copulas in Modern Hebrew

15:50-16:30 Anna Bondaruk

Person Case Constraint effects in Polish copular constructions


Poster Session 1

Thursday 15:10-16:10

Gabriela Bîlbîie & Anna Gazdik (alternate)

Coordination of unlikes in multiple questions

Gábor Alberti

ReALIS: Interpretation with a Reciprocal and Lifelong Model

Gréte Dalmi

Island constraints in Hungarian subordinate non-polarity questions with erotetic whether

Kálmán Dudás

Spelling out the sentential pro az with three matrix verb classes in a phase-based (v-related) account

Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso

Tone Submission by Intonation on Basaa questions

Matic Pavlič & Sašo Živanović

The licenser under cover


Poster Session 2

Friday 15:10-16:10

Guliz Gunes

On the Difference Between Null Subjects and Null Topics in Turkish

Júlia Bácskai-Atkári

Reducing Attributive Comparative Deletion

Tamás Halm

Unergative and/or Unaccusative: On the Argument Structure, Semantics and Syntax of Semelfactives in Hungarian

İsa Kerem Bayırlı

Antisymmetric derivation of Turkish and English verbal morphology

Tabea Ihsane

The scope of referential des-NPs in French

Yurie Tsuruhara Okami               

The typological "fluidity" of adjective category and its linguistic implications

Violeta Martinez-Paricio

Against underlying glides in Italian

Ondrej Sefcik

Knowing the distance