Hans Kamp (IMS, Universität Stuttgart):

The Semantics of Tense and Aspect in a Dynamic Setting

2008. június 2-6.

MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet



Day one.

1. A historical overview: What logical representation language(s) do we need to describe the semantics of temporal reference and aspect in natural language? Ontologies of times, events and states.

2. The static and the dynamic side of the semantics of tense and other temporal expressions. The origins of DRT. Representation construction for some simple examples. ((Kamp and Reyle, From Discourse to Logic) + recent class notes.)

Day two.

1. The Past Perfect and Reichenbachian 2-dimensionality. 2-dimensional analyses of the tense system of English (and some related languages).

2. Determination of Temporal Perspective Points and of temporal ordering relations. Temporal relations and discourse relations. (Van Genabith, Kamp and Reyle. An Updated Survey of DRT; SDRT. (Asher and Lascarides, Logics of Conversation.)

Day three.

1. Interactions between tense and other temporal expressions (temporal locating adverbs, frequency adverbs, temporal subordinate clauses, aspect operators. Temporal scope ambiguities and their representation and resolution in UDRT. (Reyle, Roßdeutscher and Kamp, “Ups and Downs in the Theory of Temporal Reference”.)

Day four.

1. Deictic properties of tenses and other temporal expressions. Utterance context and discourse context. (Kamp and Rohrer, “Tense in Texts”, Temporal Reference in French. Kamp and Roßdeutscher, “Comments on Zimmermann”)

2. Context shift and sequence of tense. Tenses in subordinate clauses. (Work by Kratzer and others; own unpublished notes.)

Day five.

1. Temporal reference in the scope of propositional attitude contexts. (Kamp, “Temporal Reference inside and outside Propositional Attitudes”)


 2. General discussion, un answered questions, exercises.


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