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Mark Newson (ELTE, Budapest): OT Syntax

January 12-16, 2009

Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS

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The Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences announces its next compact course. The series of compact courses offered by the institute is tailored towards the needs of advanced undergraduates and PhD students, but we welcome everyone with an interest in linguistics (linguistics, philosophers, psychologists, computer scientists).

This course is offered by Mark Newson (ELTE University, Budapest), who will give a lecture series with the title OT Syntax, between 12 and 16 January 2009.

The syllabus of the course can be found here.

The venue for the course is the Research Institute for Linguistics of HAS (Budapest, District 6, 33 Benczúr st.). The course will be held in the lecture hall on the ground floor.

The course will take place within the following time period: 12 and 16 January 2009.

  12. January 14.00-
  13. January 14.00-
  14. January 10.00-
  15. January 10.00-
  16. January 12.00-

Attendance is free, but participants are kindly requested to register by sending an e-mail to nyinfo@nytud.hu.

Registration deadline: December 31, 2008



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* The papers linked to here are earlier versions than the published ones (Bresnan 1998 and Grimshaw 1995). However, they differ minimally from the published version.