Az ERASMUS-mobilitás keretében az Elméleti Intézeti Tanszék az alábbi előadássorozatot hirdeti meg:


Blaho Sylvia (University Of Tromsø, Center of Advanced Studies in Theoretical Linguistics ):

1. Substance-free representations, április 21, hétfő 14-15.30 földszinti előadóterem

We will discuss a model of substance-free phonology (term introduced  by Hale & Reiss 2000), that is, a model where phonological  representation and phonetic interpretation are in a many-to-many  relationship. I will compare the different schools of thought within  this approach, and present a proposal using privative features and a  minimalist feature geometry.  

2. Substance-free constraints, április 23. szerda 13.30-15 földszinti előadóterem

I will outline a version of Optimality Theory in which constraints  are neither phonetically grounded nor innate, and show that it is  still possible to create factorial typologies and make  generalisations about possible and impossible language types, but  that these will be of a more abstract nature.  

3. Case studies: Hungarian voicing assimilation & Pasiego vowel harmony, április 24. csütörtök 12-13.30   földszinti előadóterem

I present 2 applications of the model outlined on the first 2 days,  analysing Hungarian /j/ and /h/ in voicing assimilation, and height  and tenseness harmony in Pasiego Spanish. I will argue that both  featural dependencies and violable constraints are crucial for the  analysis.  



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