Uwe D. Reichel

The CoPaSul toolkit for intonation stylization




The purposes of the CoPaSul toolkit are automatic prosodic annotation and prosodic feature extraction from syllable to utterance level.


At the current state automatic annotation comprises:

- segmentation into interpausal chunks

- syllable nucleus extraction

- unsupervised localization of prosodic phrase boundaries and prominent syllables


F0 and partly also energy feature sets can be derived for:

- standard measurements (as median and IQR)

- register in terms of F0 level and range

- prosodic boundaries

- local contour shapes

- bottom-up derived contour classes

- Gestalt of accent groups in terms of their deviation from higher level prosodic units

- rhythmic aspects quantifying the relation between F0 and energy contours and prosodic event rates


All feature sets will be presented along with an application scenario. The toolkit is implemented in Python3 and will be made freely available on GitHub by beginning of 2017.