Is digitalization of media a new Gutenberg revolution for minority languages?  

Tom Moring (University of Helsinki)  



Time: 11 a.m., 8 July 2014

Place: Lecture room (RIL HAS)

Angol-magyar, illetve magyar jelnyelvi tolmácsolás biztosított.  



The problem to be discussed in the presentation (and hopefully with you and your colleagues afterwards) is how, and to what extent, traditional media habits will suffer a break-down and if so, with what consequences for groups in asymmetric positions in society. My focus will be minority languages and their presence on digital platforms and in newer forms of social media environments. But the question can be extended also to other social cleavages; less educated, aged, disabled, socially alienated and powerty-struck groups, etc. may fall behind through what is called the "digital divides".