Ilan Kernerman (K Dictionaries, Tel Aviv)

Lexicography today: From a wordbook to knowledge systems


An overview of current trends in lexicography and its evolution beyond single dictionary print products to cross-lingual datasets and services. Lexicography today increasingly incorporates technological innovations in linguistics, from the use of dictionary writing and corpus query systems in the compilation process to dissemination through a wide range of digital forms, while exploring new challenges of interoperability with NLP and broader application with big data, artificial intelligence, the semantic web or internet of things, as well as new models of cooperation between industry, academia, public bodies and individual end-users, and with other disciplines. This talk will include references from the work of K Dictionaries worldwide and in Hungary on language mapping, learning and translation, stretching from the monolingual and bilingual lexicographer’s workbench to semi-automatic generation of multilingual content.