Dr. habil. Hans-Martin Gaertner kutatási tervének rövid összefoglalója:  

My main research interests concern the syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and typology of sentence types. Currently I'm particularly interested in the distribution of Germanic verb second clauses (see, for example, Gärtner, Hans-Martin & Jens Michaelis. 2010. "On Modeling the Distribution of Declarative V2-Clauses: the Case of Disjunction." Pp. 11-25 in Judgements and Propositions, edited by Sebastian Bab & Klaus Robering. Berlin: Logos.) and the analysis of "wh-infinitives" (see Gärtner, Hans-Martin. 2009. "More on the Indefinite-Interrogative Affinity: The View from Embedded Non-Finite Interrogatives." Linguistic Typology 13:1-37.). Another interest lies in the study of (convergences among) grammar formalisms.