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Papers dedicated to László Kálmán and András Kornai on the occasion of their 60th birthdays

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Judit Ács, Dávid Nemeskey, Gábor Recski:
Building word embeddings from dictionary definitions

Ash Asudeh:
On binding relations

András Márton Baló:
Variation in the nominal morphology of Northern Vlax Romani

Zoltán Bánréti, Éva Mészáros:
Recursive calculation abilities in agrammatic aphasia: A pilot study

Tibor Beke:
Morphisms of context-free grammars

Tamás Biró:
OT grammars don't count, but make errors

Gábor Borbély:
Language modeling with matrix embeddings

Michael Bukatin, Jon Anthony:
Dataflow matrix machnines and V-values: a bridge between programs and neural nets

Sean A. Fulop:
A survey of proof nets and matrices for substructural logics

Maik Gibson:
Does literacy no longer need an institution to remain sustainable? Some reflections on the impact of texting and messaging

Zalán Gyenis:
Skeleton in the Euclidean closet

Beáta Gyuris:
Thoughts on the semantics and pragmatics of rising declaratives in English and rise-fall declaratives in Hungarian

István Kenesei:
On an unrecognised nonfinite construction in Hungarian

Angelika Kiss:
On the role of the Speaker’s beliefs in some biased questions

Kimmo Koskenniemi, Pirkko Kuutti:
Indexing old literary Finnish text

Marcus Kracht, Tomasz Kowalski:
Independently generated languages

Katalin Mády, Uwe D. Reichel:
Analogy by frequency and functional load: possible reasons for the vowel length neutralisation process in Hungarian?

Márton Makrai, Veronika Lipp:
Do multi-sense embeddings learn more senses? An evalutaion in linear translation

Cecília Sarolta Molnár:
Hungarian ugye is a tag, isn’t it?

Zoltán Molnár:
Indefinite descriptions in typed lambda calculus

Geoffrey K. Pullum:
Intuition and decidability in grammar and number theory

Georg Rehm:
An infrastructure for empowering internet users to handle fake news and other online media phenomena

Eszter Simon:
The definition of Named Entities

Zoltán Gendler Szabó:
Dyadic truth

István Szakadát:
Interpretation of the concept of namespace

Anssi Yli-Jyrä:
Forgotten islands of regularity in phonology

Richard Zuber:
On raised verb phrases