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Workshop2: Information-theoretic approaches to morphology


Organizer: James P. Blevins (Cambridge, UK),


Topic description:

Over the past decade, information theory has been applied to the analysis of a successively broader range of morphological phenomena. The point of origin for this work lies in a series of studies of morphological processing that develop a statistical notion of morphological information based on uncertaintyand uncertainty reduction. The robust usefulness of these notions in predicting behavioural responses inspired the application of information-theoretic models to basic problems of morphological description and typological classification, as well as to issues of morphological learning and impairment.

The workshop will explore the convergence of these research strands, assess the impact of this research on traditional problems and issues and clarify the general model of language structure and use that emerges from this paradigm. The workshop will bring together a number of the linguists who have been instrumental in developing this approach, with the goal of facilitating interaction and at the same time providing clear expositions of the goals, methods and results of current models addressed to a general morphological audience.