Practical info


Technical information for oral presentations:  

20-minute presentations are followed by 10-minute discussion periods. A PC laptop with MS Windows OS and a beamer (projector) will be set up in each lecture room. Presenters are strongly encouraged to either send their presentation slides to the conference organizers in advance, or bring them along on portable USB drives -- in the latter case the USB drive should be checked for viruses/malware beforehand, and the files should be copied to the PC laptop during the break preceding the session of the presentation. Presenters are NOT encouraged to use their own laptops for the presentation, but allowances can be made in this respect on an individual basis if requested. Please note that we can only provide a PC/Windows technical environment. Should you need any further technical equipment or aid, please let us know ASAP.  

If you wish to distribute handouts, please prepare the necessary quantity in advance. Unfortunately there are no xerox-copying facilities at the conference site.  


Technical information about the posters:  

The largest poster we can cater for is 88cm (width) x 128cm (height), i.e., any A0 size poster can be conveniently fitted on our boards in 'portrait' orientation. Other than max size, there is no other limitation or specific requirement towards posters.  

Since the poster session is scheduled to after a lunch break, you can fix your posters during (or immediately before) lunchtime, or you may even do so during the preceding morning coffee break time.  

We suggest that you also bring some handouts to distribute.  



Getting to the conference venues