ICSH7 7th International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian

Veszprém, Hungary, May 29-31, 2005


Sunday, May 29 2005

11:30 Opening of the conference
11:40 Katalin É. Kiss: The structure of the Hungarian VP
12:20 Lunch
14:00 Balázs Surányi: Indefinite wh-pronouns and the modal existential wh-construction in Hungarian
14:40 Beáta Gyuris: Stylistic postposing or something else?
15:20 Huba Bartos: Conditions on conditional mood
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Catherine Ringen: Cross-linguistic differences and similarities in stop voicing
17:00 Péter Siptár: Hiatus resolution in Hungarian: an optimality theoretic account
17:40 László Kálmán Péter Rebrus Miklós Törkenczy: Hungarian linking vowels: An analogy-based approach
19:00 Welcome Reception


Monday, May 30 2005

 9:00 Marcel den Dikken: When Hungarians agree (to disagree) – The fine art of ’phi’ & ’art’
 9:40 György Rákosi Tibor Laczkó: The categorial status of agreement-marked infinitives in Hungarian
10:20 István Kenesei: Head movement in the Hungarian noun phrase?
11:00 Coffee break
11:20 Krisztina Polgárdi: Geminates and degemination in Hungarian
12:00 Stephen Grimes: Moraic weight, extraprosodic word-final consonants, and morphophonological length alterations in Hungarian
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Julia Horvath: Movement, economy and the PF-interface: the case of so-called „Focus-movements”
14:40 Zoltán Bánréti: ’And ’ type conjunctions: functional heads and conjunctional heads
15:20 Enikő Tóth: Mood selection in complement clauses
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Casper de Groot: The interpersonal level in a Functional Discourse Grammar of Hungarian
17:00 Anna Asbury: Marking of theta-roles in Hungarian morphosyntax
17:40 Anna Babarczy: Implicit subjects in early child language


Tuesday, May 31 2005

 9:00 Valéria Molnár: Alea iacta est - Passive in Hungarian?
 9:40 Scott R. Jackson: The scope-stress relationship in Hungarian is extra-grammatical
10:20 Christopher Pińón: Verbs of creation in Hungarian
11:00 Coffee break

Márta Abrusán: Underspecified precedence relation and Hungarian vowel~zero alternations

Zara Wanlass: Evidence from online corpora for vacillation in Hungarian vowel harmony

12:00 Gábor Alberti Magdolna Ohnmacht: Aspect and eventuality structure in Hungarian
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Daniel Wedgwood: Relative scopes of (and in) interpretive procedures and syntactic forms in Hungarian
14:40 Tibor Laczkó: On binding, empty categories and morphosyntactic processes in “passive” participial constructions
15:20 Closing of the conference