Approaches to Hungarian



Series editor: István Kenesei


The series was launched in 1985 in Szeged under the editorship of István Kenesei with the objective of offering papers written in English on various topics in Hungarian linguistics. Since the early 1990’s the biennial volumes have been based on conferences alternately held in and outside Hungary. The series owes its appeal to Hungarian being one of the best analysed non-Indo-European languages with a number of characteristics that have challenged quite a few researchers. Recurrent in these volumes are issues such as the order of constituents in the simple sentence, and in particular the left periphery (topics, quantifiers, focus, etc.), the structure of the DP, including the problems of possessive constructions, intricacies of morphological allomorphy, the complex problems of vowel harmony, to list just a few. A careful selection process by experienced editors warrants the high quality of the papers.


Starting with Volume 11, containing papers from the 2007 Conference on the Structure of Hungarian (New York), John Benjamins Publishing Company publishes the volumes from the biennial Conferences on the Structure of Hungarian.