Registration                                                                                                                                                      中文


The registration fees are summarized in the following table:

Types of Participants


Early bird (up to May 15)

早注册 (515日为止)

Regular (May 16 through June 20)

常规注册 (516日至620日)

Late / On-site (After June 20)

晚注册 (620日后)

IACL Member (non student)


43,500 HUF (cca. US$ 150) 52,200 HUF (cca. US$ 180) 63,800 HUF (cca. US$ 220)
IACL Member ( student)


34,800 HUF (cca. US$ 120) 40,600 HUF (cca. US$ 140) 52,200 HUF (cca.  US$ 180)
Non-IACL Member


49,300 HUF (cca. US$ 170) 58,000 HUF (cca. US$ 200) 69,600 HUF (cca. US$ 240)


Registration fees are non-refundable, and include the conference folder, the book of abstracts, and coffee and snacks during the breaks, as well as 21.26% VAT. These fees do NOT include the dinner party on June 26.

The dinner party on June 26 has two price options:

  • If you wish this item to be included in the official receipt of your registration fee then select Dinner party pre-purchase  (14,200 HUF) in the webshop, along with the registration fee. In this case, the dinner must be paid together with the registration fee.
  • If you do not need this to be included in the registration fee receipt then select Dinner party pre-registration (0 HUF) in the webshop.  In this case, you will pay a slightly lower dinner price (11,500 HUF) on site in cash, when you arrive for the meeting, but the registration fee receipt will NOT include the price of the dinner.

Important notice: Either pre-purchase or pre-registration before June 20 is required for the dinner, people without dinner pre-registration can only register for it on-site in case someone else cancels their dinner pre-registration. Please note, also, that if you pre-register for dinner, you will have to pay the dinner price on arrival, irrespective of whether you actually attend the dinner or not.

Click HERE to enter our webshop and pay the registration fee and the dinner party now by credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard, or AmEx), or to pre-register for the conference dinner.

Payment through the webshop will end on June 20, after that the only option is to pay on-site. All on-site payment must me made in the local currency (Hungarian forint) HUF, in cash (we cannot take credit cards or cheques at the conference site). 

Please note that according to the rules of IACL everyone intending to present a paper at the conference must be a member of IACL, and must pay up their membership dues before May 15. Whoever fails to do so before this deadline will not be included in the conference program. For checking your membership status and paying the membership fee visit .


1. Non-IACL members who wish to be entitled to IACL member rates should apply for IACL membership before their registration.  Application may be made online at .

2. Students must present a valid student ID when picking up their registration materials. Participants who register as students but cannot present a valid student ID will be charged the late/onsite registration rate.