Information for presenters                                                                                                                               

Important information for presenters

Presentations are assigned 30-minute slots, meaning 20 minutes talk followed by 10 minutes of discussion. The meeting has a tight schedule so please observe these time limits.

Each lecture hall is equipped with a laptop and a beamer. Presenters are requested to upload their presentation files to the laptops in advance, before their session begins, for instance during the preceding break. In case of any technical difficulty, please ask our task-force member on site. If possible, prepare to upload your file from a pendrive – we cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to download files to the laptops from the web.

If absolutely necessary, you can use your own laptop for your presentation, but please make sure you have the necessary socket converter – the lecture hall beamers only have old style VGA-type input sockets.

You are also encouraged to send your presentation file(s) to the conference address ( in advance, in which case we’ll upload them to the laptop of your lecture hall beforehand, but for this to work seamlessly, the file must reach us by 9:00 pm on the day before your talk. In such a case, please write “presentation file” in the subject line of your mail.


The site of registration will be on the second floor of Building F (see the campus map under ‘venue’ on the website), except on the morning of June 25 (Sunday), when it will be temporarily placed to the ground floor of Building A, where the opening ceremony and the first keynote lecture takes place.

We suggest that participants take advantage of the option to go through the registration process on the evening of June 24 (Saturday), from 4:00pm through 7:00pm, in Building F, to avoid crowding at the registration desk on Sunday morning.