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Curriculum Vitae




1979  Software Engineering, B.Sc., ELTE University
1981 Mathematics, M.Sc., ELTE University
1982  General and Applied Linguistics, M.Sc., ELTE University



1994 PhD (Candidate of Sciences)
2004 Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2005 Habilitated professor, Pázmány University



1987  Stanford University, USA (6 weeks)
1988 Helsinki University, Finland (1,5 months)
1988 SITRA Foundation, Finland (1,5 months)



1995 Kalmár Award, John von Neumann Computer Society
2000   Széchenyi Prize (Hungary’s highest award), President of Hungary
2002 Manager of the Year, Hungarian Association of IT Companies
2005 “For the Hungarian Informatics” Medal, Minister of Informatics
2005 Brassai Prize, Association of Hungarian Applied Linguists
2009 IT Lecturer of the Year (special prize), Hungarian Chief IT Officers' Association
2010  Dennis Gábor Award, Novofer Foundation
2012 Pázmány Plaquette, Pázmány Péter Catholic University


Participation in R&D Projects

1987–1989 Distributed Language Translation (CEC)
1989–1991 DISNET (CEC)
1994–1996 Syntactic description of Hungarian sentences (OTKA)
1995–1998 GRAMLEX (Copernicus Joint Research Project 621)
1995–1997 GLOSSER (Copernicus Joint Research Project 343)
1995–1997 MULTEXT−EAST: Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora for Central and Eastern European Languages (Copernicus Joint Research Project 106)
1995–1997 ELSnet Goes East (Copernicus Concerted Action 200)
1998–2000 Translation of EU Legislation Texts (PHARE)
2000–2002  Linguistic Feedback for Hand-Writing and Speech Recognition Systems (IKTA 063/2000) − project leader
2000–2001 Machine−Assisted Translation for EU Legislation (IM)
2000–2002 Development of a Hungarian POS Tagger with Machine Learning Algorithms (IKTA 027/2000)
2001–2002 Hungarian Proofing Tools for Linux Applications (SZT−IS−10) − project leader
2001–2003  Applied Speech Information Systems (NKFP 2 /2001)
2001–2003  Information and Knowledge Fusion (IKTA 3−181/2000)
2001–2003  Spotting and Indexing Multiword Lexemes in Corpora Using Finite State Techniques (OTKA/NWO)
2001–2003  Automatic Information Extraction from Political and Business News (NKFP 2/017/2001) − project leader
2001–2004  Development of Content Analysis Programs Over Morpho−Lexical Level (NKFP 5/027/2001)
2002–2005 Complex Uralic Database (NKFP 5/135/2001)
2002–2004  Machine Learning of Sentence Syntax of Hungarian (IKTA 5−037/2002)
2003−2003 Business search engine with HLT support (ITEM 71000642) − project leader
2003–2005 Intelligent Translation Memory (IKTA 146/2002) − project leader
2004−2004  Intelligent Multilingual Document Management in Eurovoc  (ITEM 82130845)
2004–2006 Digital Terminologist (IKTA 081/2003) − project leader
2004–2006 Development of a Controlled−Language System (INFRA GVOP−3.3.2.−2004−04−0004/3.0) − project leader
2004–2006 Improvement of a Language Technology Infrastructure (KKV GVOP−2004−3.3.3)
2004–2006 Ontological Support for Call Centers in Telematics (NKFP 2/042/2004)
2004–2007 Machine Translation form Hungarian into English (NKFP 2/008/2004) − project leader
2005–2008 Molecular and Info-Bionic Research in the Medicines (RET)
2005–2007 Development and Applications of a Hungarian Ontology for Information Extraction (AKF GVOP−3.1.1.−2004−05−0191/3.0)
2005–2007 Interactive Content Analysis of Medical Texts (AKF GVOP−3.1.1.−2004−05−0363/3.0)
2005–2007 Maximalization of Human Translation Efficiency with the Help of Computers (AKF GVOP−3.1.1.−2004−05−0018/3.0) − project leader
2005–2007 EuroTermBank (eContent EDC−22 267)
2006–2008 EuroMatrix: Statistical and Hybrid Machine Translation Between All European Languages (STREP FP6−34291)
2008–2010 National Platform on Language and Speech Technologies
2010−2012 (ICT−PSP.2009.5.1)
2012−2013 Digital Medical Consultation (TÁMOP−4.2.1./B−11/2−KMR−2011−0002)
2012−2015 NetWordS (ESF 09−RNP−089)
2012−2017 Performance−based Research in HLT (MTA)


Teaching activities

1981–1984 Non-numeric applications of the computers, ELTE University, Budapest)
1985–1991 Natural language processing (ELTE University, Budapest)
1987–1988 Computer in the Humanities (ELTE University, Budapest)
1989–1990 Computational linguistics (Technical University, Budapest)
1992–1993 Hungarian and the computer (ELTE University, Budapest)
1993–1994  Computational linguistics (ELTE University, Budapest)
1995–1996 Computational tools of translators (Technical University, Budapest)
1995–1996 Language and the computer (Kandó Technical College, Budapest)
1999 Lexical Information and Decisions in Parsing (EUROLAN Summer School on HLT, Durau, Romania)
2001–2010 Language technology (Technical University, Budapest)
2003 Machine(-assisted) translation (Babeş−Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania)
2003–2006 Machine translation and computer-assisted translation (Pázmány University, Budapest)
2003–  Foundations of human language technologies (Pázmány University, Budapest)
2003–  Tools and resources of language technology (Pázmány University, Budapest)
2007– PPKE Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Doctoral School in Linguistics
2011–  PPKE Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Digital Humanities MA
2011–  PPKE Faculty of IT and Bionics, Doctoral and Habilitation Council – president
2012–   ELTE Faculty of Informatics, Habilitation Council
2014   NetWordS Summer School, Trondheim, Norway (Computational morphology: automata and hierarchical lexica)



1982− Association for Computational Linguistics
1991−1996 Committee on Applied Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1994−  European Network of Language and Speech, Industrial Task Group
1997− Association of IT Companies (IVSZ)
1997− Working Committee on Applied Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1998− European Association for Machine Translation
1998− Association of Hungarian Applied Linguists − board member
1999−2000  Association of IT Companies (IVSZ)− vice-president & president of SMEs
2000−2008 Committee on Informatics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2000−   Committee on Lexicography, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2002−  Committee on Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2005−2012 Committee on Lexicography, Hungarian Academy of Sciences – president
2006−2012 European Language Resource Association (board member until 2012)
2014− Committee on Hungarian Medical Language
2015−   Committee on Hungaran Language, Hungarian Academy of Sceinces - president


Editorial activity

1999−  Fordítástudomány (Translation Studies) − member of the editorial board
2000− Across Languages and Cultures − member of the advisory board
2001−  Magyar Orvosi Nyelv (Hungarian Medical Language) − member of the ed. board
2004− Lexikográfiai Füzetek (Lexicographic Booklets) − member of the editorial board
2012−  Alkalmazott Nyelvtudomány (Applied Linguistics) – member of the editorial board
2013− Jedlik Laboratories Research Reports – member of the editorial board


Consultation expert

1983−1990 Linguistics Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Dept of Structural Linguistics − research consultant
1986−1993 Linguistics Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Dept of Lexicography and Lexicology − language technology consultant
1989−1992 I.D.E. (Maassluis, The Netherlands) − language technology consultant
1999 EuroPrix international multimedia contest (Salzburg) − member of the International Jury
2000  ELRA (Paris) − preparation committee member
2002−2006 Cognitive Science Center, Technical Univ. Budapest − member of the Advisory Board
2002−2009 Linguistics Institute, Hungarian Acad.of Sc.−  member of the Scientific Advisory Board
2002−2005  KDBR Consulting – president of the board of supervisors
2003−2004 National Digital Inventory
2004−2011 STEVIN Dutch-Flemish Research Support System in HLT (The Netherlands/Flanders) − member of the international review committee
2004−2010 National Scientific Research Foundation –  jury member in Linguistics
2006−2012 European Linguistic Resources Association – board member (Paris)
2006−2008 EC Business Forum on Multilingualism – member (Brussels)
2007−2010 National Scientific Research Foundation –  jury member in Electronics
2009−2016 Budapest Business School – member of the External Advisory Board
2010−2012 FLaReNet (Fostering Language Resources Network) – local representative
2010−2012 META-NET Vision Group, Interactive Systems – member
2010−2013 National Scientific Research Foundation –  college member in Humanities
2009−2017 Linguistic Institute of HAS – president of the External Advisory Board
2010−2016  Hungarian Academy of Sciences – (non-academician) representative
2011−2014 HLT reviewer for DG Information Society and Media, EC (Luxembourg)

National Research, Development and Innovation Office, College of Humanities and Social Sciences president


Conference organizing

1987−1988 COLING 88 (Budapest, Hungary)
1995−1996 ELSnet Summer School (Budapest, Hungary)
1998−1999 EUROSPEECH 99 (Budapest, Hungary)
2002−2003 EACL-2003 (Budapest, Hungary)
2004−2005 EAMT 2005 (Budapest, Hungary) – president of the local organizing committee
2005−2006 EACL-2006 (Trento, Italy) – co-president of the poster/demo session
2011−2012 COLING-2012, Mumbai (India) – Morphology & POS-Tagging area chair
2013−2014 CIE-2014, Budapest – co-president of the section on computational linguistics
2014−2015 25. MANYE Congress - president of the organizational committee (PPKE ITK & BTK)
2016-2017 CICLing 2017, Budapest – member of the organizational committee (PPKE ITK)


Activity as PhD Supervisor

Former PhD students:
2009 Kis, Balázs PTE BTK
2010 Miháltz, Márton PPKE ITK
2011 Sass, Bálint PPKE ITK
2011 Lázár, Péter A. ELTE BTK
2012 Varga, Ágnes ELTE BTK
2012 Seidl-Péch, Olívia ELTE BTK
2013  Pataki, Máté PPKE ITK
2014 Lengyel, István ELTE BTK
2015 Novák, Attila PPKE ITK
2015 Siklósi, Borbála PPKE ITK
2015 Orosz, György PPKE ITK
2015 Laki, László  PPKE ITK
2016 Endrédy, István PPKE ITK
Recent PhD students:
2017  Yang Zijian, Győző PPKE ITK
2017  Indig, Balázs PPKE ITK
2017  Zolczer, Péter ELTE BTK
2018  Ligeti-Nagy, Noémi PPKE BTK
2018  Erdei, Tamás  PPKE BTK
2018  Vadász, Noémi  PPKE BTK
2019  Kalivoda, Ágnes  PPKE BTK
2019  Dömötör, Andrea PPKE BTK



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