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1, June, 11.00 Benczúr Hotel Mozaik terem (1068 Budapest Benczúr u. 35.) Miloš Jakubíček (Masaryk University, Brno – Lexical Computing Ltd) Word sketches for linguistic analysis Department of Language Technology and Applied Linguistics
19–20, June PPKE BTK, Sophianum 009. terem (1088 Budapest, Mikszáth tér 1.) Implicatures or domain restriction/domain widening Theoretical and experimental approaches Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS and PPKE
25–27, June ELTE BT (1088 Budapest, Múzeum körút 4/A) 25th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS and ELTE
27–28, June PPKE BTK, Sophianum (1088 Budapest, Mikszáth tér 1.) Conference on the Syntax Of Uralic Languages Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS and PPKE
29–30, June MTA Székház, Kisterem (1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 9.) 13th International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian  Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS







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