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Events in October




The Research Institute for Linguistics has been temporaly moved to this address due to reconstruction works: Budapest, 1067 Teréz krt. 13. All lectures will be held here.




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24, October, 11.00 auditorium Jutta M. Hartmann (IDS Mannheim) Person Effects in Low Nominatives Department of Theoretical Linguistics
26, October, 11.00 auditorium Kádár Zoltán Dániel (MTA NYTI, University of Huddersfield) Interpersonal interaction and the moral order Department of Theoretical Linguistics
26, October, 17.00 auditorium Rebrus Péter (MTA NYTI) ‒ Szigetvári Péter (ELTE) A mássalhangzó-kapcsolatok komplexitás-alapú tipológiája Department of Theoretical Linguistics, ALFFA Research Group







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