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1, February, 15.00 auditorium, ground-floor A magyar nyelv nagyszótára VI. kötetének sajtóbemutatója Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS
3, February auditorium, ground-floor XI. Alkalmazott Nyelvészeti Doktoranduszkonferencia Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS
9, February, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Mády Katalin (MTA NYTI) – Szalontai Ádám (MTA NYTI) Prosodic prominence in Hungarian and German: same, same, but different Department of Theoretical Linguistics
16, February, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Fejes László (MTA NYTI) A nganaszan „kerekségi harmónia” megjósolhatóságáról Department of Theoretical Linguistics
20-24, February auditorium, ground-floor Minikurzusok/Előadássorozat
Jonathan Bobaljik (University of Connecticut): Case and Agreement Dependencies
Gillian Ramchand (University of Tromsø the Arctic University of Norway): Situations and Events and The English Auxiliary System
Budapest Research Centre for Linguistic Theory (ELTE) and RIL
23, February, 17.00 room 108 Benkő Ágnes (ELTE Angol nyelvészet doktori program, MTA NYTI) A kontextus hatása vacilláló tövek esetében Department of Theoretical Linguistics, ALFFA Research Group







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