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5, May, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Szabó Mária Helga (MTA NYTI) „Nem tudná a bal kéz, mit akar a jobb?” – A két kéz szimultán használatának esetei a jelnyelvi megnyilatkozásokban Department of Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics and Sociolinguistics
10, May, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Silvio Cruschina (University of Vienna) Focus Fronting and non-at-issue meanings Department of Theoretical Linguistics
10, May, 14.00 auditorium, ground-floor Anna Kocher (University of Vienna) Verum, Epistemic Modality and Root Clause Complementizers in the History of Spanish Department of Theoretical Linguistics

12, May, 17.00

room 108 Alanah McKillen (McGill University, Montreal) A presuppositional semantics for reflexives Department of Theoretical Linguistics
Magyar Szemantikusok Asztaltársasága (MASZAT)
17, May, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Jaklin Kornfilt (Syracuse University) Turkish Relative Clauses between Central Asia and the Mediterranean Department of Theoretical Linguistics
17, May, 14.00 auditorium, ground-floor Lucia Satinská (Ą. ©túr Institute of Linguistics, Slovak Academy of Sciences) Mai pozsonyi többnyelvűség Department of Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics and Sociolinguistics, Research Center for Multilingualism
19-20, May auditorium, ground-floor Uralic Syntax Days Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS - Károli Gáspár University
19, May, 17.00 auditorium, ground-floor Szigetvári Péter (ELTE) Once a consonant, always a consonant Department of Theoretical Linguistics, ALFFA Research Group
31, May, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Prof. Robert M. Vago (Queens College & Graduate Center, CUNY) An Optimality Theoretic Account of Hungarian Inflections Research Institute for Linguistics, HAS







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