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5. May, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Hans-Martin Gärtner (MTA NYTI) Approaching V2 from the North: A Macrosyntactic View on Dependent V2 Variation in Icelandic Department of Theoretical Linguistics
14. May, 17.00 auditorium, ground-floor Szigetvári Péter(ELTE) A brit angol magánhangzórendszer: Kisebb, mint gondolnád Experimental and Analogy-Based Phonology and Morphology Research Group
19. May, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Dömötör Adrienne (MTA NYTI) Ugyan az és ugyanaz – az azonosító ugyan története Department of Finno-Ugric and Historical Linguistics
20. May, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Ora Matushansky (Utrecht University) The mistake of PredP Department of Theoretical Linguistics
20. May, 14.00 auditorium, ground-floor Hans Kamp (IMS Stuttgart) Presupposition as abduction? Inferential effects of presupposition accommodation Department of Theoretical Linguistics







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