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Events in September


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1. September, 15.00 room 108 Steven M. Lulich, Ph.D (Department of Psychology, Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri, and Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington,
Recent Advances in Understanding Subglottal Acoustics During Phonation Department of Phonetics
1-3. September auditorium, ground-floor 4th Conference on Syntax, Phonology and Language Analysis Department of Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics
13. September, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Kenesei István (NYTI) Többszörös tagadás tagadószó nélkül? Department of Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics
20. September, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Horváth Viktória (NYTI) Hezitációs jelenségek produkciós és percepciós szempontból Department of Phonetics
27. September, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Gráczi Tekla (NYTI) A zöngésségi oppozíció akusztikai fonetikai vetülete a magyar nyelvben Department of Phonetics



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