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Events in March


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23. March, 17.00 auditorium, ground-floor Fejes László - Kováts Zsófia ­- Ruttkay-Miklián Eszter Beszámoló a 2009-ben Hantiföldön végzett terepmunkáról
(Vetített képes beszámoló)
Reguly Társaság
25. March, 11.00 room 206 Michal Starke (University of Tromsø) Case in Nanosyntax Department of Theoretical Linguistics
26. March, 9.00 auditorium, ground-floor Fejes László (NyTI) Ob-BABEL CRP Conference: Ob-Ugric corpora and morphological analyzers Department of Finno-Ugric
26. March, 10.10 auditorium, ground-floor Bickel, Balthazar (University of Leipzig, Department of Language Typology) Ob-BABEL CRP Conference: Typology of hierarchy effects and the tag system Department of Finno-Ugric
30. March, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Bart Geurts (Nijmegen) ''Embedded implicatures'' explained Department of Theoretical Linguistics
1. April, 11.00 auditorium, ground-floor Alex Grosu (Tel-Aviv Univ.) The syntax-semantics of internally headed relatives in Japanese (and Korean) Research Institute for Linguistics
1. April, 14.00 auditorium, ground-floor Bart Geurts (Nijmegen) Free choice and the proper treatment of quantity implicatures Department of Theoretical Linguistics



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