16th Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference

  Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

  3-5 July 2014 Budapest


Information for presenters



For speakers

We will provide a PC connected to a beamer and speakers if needed. We strongly advise you to bring your presentation on a USB flash drive because we cannot guarantee your laptop will be compatible with our on-site equipment (this especially applies to Mac users). Someone will always be around to help you set up your presentation.

If you plan to use handouts, please bring along 50 copies.


For poster presenters

Our poster boards can accommodate A0 size posters in portrait format. There is no specific requirement towards posters other than this size limit.

Since the poster session will take place after the lunch break each day, you can put your posters up during (or right before) lunch. Pins will be provided.

We suggest that you also bring some handouts to distribute during your poster session.


For presenters in the demo session of the workshop

The demo session will look like a special poster session: presenters will be provided with a desk where they can present their digital corpus for those interested.