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Department of Theoretical Linguistics


     Chair: Huba Bartos, Senior Research Fellow

     Research Coordinator: Kinga Gárdai


     Phone: (36-1) 3214-830/179


Comprehensive Grammar Resources – Hungarian

MTA NYTI Lendület Quantifier Scope Research Group

MTA NYTI Lendület Interactional Ritual Research Group

Experimental and Analogy-Based Phonology and Morphology Research Group

Formal Phonology Research Group

The Psycholinguistics of Quantification (OTKA 108951)

Humboldt Partnership MTA-Bielefeld ― Research Group 'Grammar and Pragmatics'

The grammar and pragmatics of interrogatives and their (special) uses  (NKFIH K 115922)

Hungarian Historical Generative Syntax Research Group

Languages under the Influence. Uralic syntax changing in an asymmetrical contact situation (ERC_15_HU, OTKA 118079)

ELTE-MTA Department of Theoretical Linguistics





Last modified: 18.09.2017