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Department of Oriental Studies


     Chair: Huba Bartos, Senior Research Fellow

     E-mail: bartos[kukac]



The Oriental Studies Workgroup of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences joined the Research Institute for Linguistics as a new department in 1993. In spite of a decrease of our research staff over the years, the department has been able to maintain its research standards and key research areas, as well as to expand its research spectrum with a variety of linguistic topics.

The department used to be divided into two research groups. One of them, under the supervision of Prof. György Hazai, compiled a current bibliograpy of Turkic studies (Turkologischer Anzeiger/Turcology Annual), catalogized and published archive sources, and carried out investigations into the history of Old Anatolian Turkish. This group was relocated to the Institute of Literary Studies of the H.A.S. in March 2011. The other group focuses on research into various aspects of languages of the Middle and Far East, in particular: the syntax, semantics and pragmatics of Chinese, the lexicology and historical contacts of Mongolian and Tibetan, the linguistic history of Egyptian and Afroasiatic languages, hittitology, and Indo-European comparative linguistics.