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  Research Group for Mathematical Linguistics

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Research Group for Mathematical Linguistics

     Head: András Kornai, DSc

     Phone: (+36-1) 321-4830/110


The Mathematical Linguistics Research Group deals both with the foundational issues of linguistics and with several areas of language technology. Our work combines rule-based and statistical techniques. Current foci include

  • learning weighted finite state automata (paper)
  • establishing objective digital vitality criteria (paper)
  • automatic dictionary building
  • algebraic semantics (paper)

Our group continues, and builds on, the Free and Open Source Software tradition of NLP established in Hungary with the Hun* toolchain (poster):

Our alumni include Péter Halácsy (HunPOS), Dávid Nemeskey, László Németh (HunSpell), Gábor Recski (HunTag), and Dániel Varga (HunAlign).

Mathematical Ling.Language Techn.