The aim of developing a phonetically-based multi-purpose database of Hungarian spontaneous speech, dubbed BEA (BEszélt nyelvi Adatbázis ‘spoken language data base’), is to accumulate a large amount of recorded spontaneous speech produced by numerous present-day Budapest speakers, providing ample material for various types of research and practical applications.



● The importance of BEA


● The development of BEA


● Photos of the recording sessions and the preparation of CD copies


● The contents of BEA


● Research possibilities provided by BEA


● Research based on BEA so far



Developed by the Phonetics Department of the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Project leader: Professor Mária Gósy; participants: Tekla Etelka Gráczi, Dorottya Gyarmathy, Viktória Horváth, Péter Nikléczy, and András Beke (part-time).


For further information, contact Dorottya Gyarmathy (RIL HAS). E-mail address: