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Korean linguists at RIL MTA



On their own initiative a delegation from the National Institute of the Korean Language has visited RIL on 9 July, 2013, to learn about the activities of RIL, and specifically of those in the fields of language technology, multilingualism, including sign language, and its counselling projects. The Korean party was represented by Dr. Chung Hosung, Head of Research, and Ms. Kim Ayoung, Head of International Relations. RIL's representatives were Director István Kenesei, Dr. Tamás Várad and Huba Bartos, dept. chairs, and Dr. Csilla Bartha, head of the Centre for Multilingualism. The Korean colleagues will count on experiences at RIL in their work (such as exchange of scholars) and will propose the form of cooperation when they have returned home and discussed the matter at their Institute.

Huba Bartos, István Kenesei, Dr. Chung Hosung, Dr. Lee Bumkyu (interpreter), (Ms.) Kim Ayoung   Tamás Váradi, Dr. Chung Hosung, (Ms.) Kim Ayoung, Dr. Lee Bumkyu (interpreter)   Huba Bartos, (Ms.) Kim Ayoung,  Dr. Chung Hosung,
(Ms.) Kim Ayoung , Dr. Chung Hosung, Zoltán Bánréti   Csilla Bartha, Dr. Chung Hosung,  (Ms.) Kim Ayoung   István Kenesei, Mária Gósy, (Ms.) Kim Ayoung, Dr. Chung Hosung


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