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“Comprehensive Grammar Resources: Hungarian” OTKA Grant



Beginning February 1, 2012, a new research project “Comprehensive Grammar Resources: Hungarian” starts at the Institute on an OTKA grant of c. HUF 90 million comprising 8 teams and 38 researchers.

This project will realize an age-old promise of generative linguistics, namely, provides an explicit and exhaustive, i.e., ‘generative’ grammar. It will execute this programme as a theory-neutral extensive description of Hungarian in line with similar enterprises abroad. This objective will call for basic research into a number of phenomena, properties and chapters of the grammar of Hungarian so far left undiscussed, but also to systematically study, survey and analyse all the topics that have received ample attention in the literature. Hungarian linguistics at large and the research team behind this project are particularly well-prepared to contribute a major work to an international effort producing a series of multi-volume grammars, with Hungarian as one of them. The subprojects are as follows: Word order in the simple sentence, Verb phrases in general and finite verb phrases, Nouns and Noun Phrases, Adjectival Phrases, Adverbials and Adpositional Phrases, Non-finite and semi-finite verb phrases, Finite embedding, Coordination and ellipsis. The end result is foreseen to become the definitive grammar of this language in the 21st century. The project leader is István Kenesei (RIL), the team leaders are: Gábor Alberti (U Pécs), Zoltán Bánréti (RIL), Huba Bartos (RIL), Károly Bibok (U Szeged), Katalin É. Kiss (RIL), Zsuzsa Gécseg (U Szeged), Tibor Laczkó (U Debrecen), Balázs Surányi (RIL).



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