3rd February, 2017.

magyar változat

The Committee of Applied Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Research Institute for Linguistics announces its Conference for PhD Students of Applied Linguistics. The conference is organized every year. The 11th conference will take place at the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1068 Budapest, Benczúr str. 33).

The aim of the conference

The topics of applied linguistics are addressed at an advanced level in many PhD programs in Hungary, however, the students of these doctoral programs have few opportunities to gain insight into the work at other programs and to find out about each other's main research topics, questions and methods. Our conferences aim to present an opportunity for such meetings and discussions.

The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity to introduce high quality PhD research in applied linguistics, to discuss questions and issues occurring in the various topics and to help young researchers to make contact with each other and other representatives of the field.

Topics of the conference

All topics related to applied linguistics by PhD- and MA-students are welcome at the conference.

Application for the conference

The applications of all PhD students are welcome at the conference, regardless of what program they are part of.

The presentations

■ Presentation topics: topics of applied linguistics

      - applied speech research

      - bilingualism

      - communication studies

      - contrastive linguistics

      - corpus linguistics, speech technology

      - first and second language acquisition and language pedagogy

      - Hungarian as a second language

      - inter-cultural communication and language use in the EU

      - internet use in foreign language teaching

      - language pedagogy

      - language politics

      - lexicology and lexicography

      - psycholinguistics

      - sociolinguistics

      - terminology

      - terminology and communication

      - text linguistics, discourse analysis, stylistics

      - translation studies


■ Presentation style: research report (theoretical or empirical study)


■ The language of the presentation: Hungarian, except if the presenter's mother tongue is not Hungarian


For further information

email us at  alknyelvdok[at]nytud.hu

or call Zsófia Ludányi at the +36-1-321-4830/126 phone number.